Nothing is infinite, not even loss. You are made of the sea and the stars. And one day you are going to find yourself again.
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hey i'm christine | 15 | venezuelan | colombia
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WELCOME TO THE TROPICAL PROMOTIONS! (network page under construction)


  • this is basically like a promo group but for tropical/jungle blogs only.
  • in this network we will do lots of promos and help gain each other followers.


  • you must be following me, wild-tropics; or you will have 0 chances of getting picked.
  • reblog this post, you can like but it won’t count!
  • you must be willing to put a badge on your blog or a click-through link.


  • I’ll be choosing about 15+ people to enter this fun and active network!
  • follower count doesn’t matter, but if you have 3k+ submit me a screenshot of your follower count + your email and you’ll automatically be accepted!


  • its a great way to meet new blogs and become friends!
  • we’ll help each other reach our goals and gain tons of followers!
  • help with voting, html, etc (all the time)
  • and more!


  • reblog this post 3+ times to get me to notice you.
  • tag a post with #wildtropics and tell me why i should pick you! (if you have a problem with tagging a post you’re welcome to submit it to me, title it ”Tropical Promotions” (dont worry i wont post your submission)

That is about it! I will be choosing the people to join this network as soon as i’m satisfied with the notes! You will all have a chance to participate in this network because later i’ll be adding new members! :)

  • Good luck!
  • If you have any doubts/questions message me x
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